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Author:8 Source:Changzhou Date:2019-03-12 15:05:56 Hit:45
Number of Recruitment:8人
Working Place:Changzhou
Operating Duty:

1. Carry out the inspection work according to the requirements of the company's inspection instructions;

2. Collate the relevant raw data, fill in the relevant inspection report, avoid misinspection and missed inspection; strictly implement the control procedures for non-conforming products to mark, isolate and dispose of non-conforming products.

3. Properly use and maintain measuring instruments and related documents;

4. Daily maintenance of experimental equipment, cooperate with other departments to verify relevant equipment or process;

5. Do other related work well in leadership arrangement.

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in machinery, etc.

2. Careful, conscientious, dedicated and responsible.

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